Industrial Effluent Treatment System

JBH is a provider of innovative and environmentally sustainable wastewater technology and services for a variety of industries. Our treatment systems are designed to be cost-effective and reliable. We have extensive experience in providing one-stop-solutions for wastewater treatment which includes Process Development, detailed System Design, and Notification to relevant Authorities, Supply & Construction and Commissioning. We ensure our customers receive the best solutions that fulfill the project’s requirements.

Type of industry

  • Food
  • Electroplating
  • Palm Oil
  • Poultry Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Gloves Manufacturing
  • Paint Manufacturing
  • Textile


Our experience includes notification to the Department of Environment for approval / obtaining supporting letters for our clients in a variety of jobs:

  • Written Approvals Of Air Pollution Control System And Fuel Burning Equipment
  • Written Approval for New / Upgrading of Effluent Treatment System
  • Industrial Effluent Characteristic Study (IECS)
  • EIA / EMP / ERP – Bio-Diesel Plant / Scheduled Waste Recovery, etc.
  • Valuation Of New Site Project (PAT)
  • Supporting Letter For Land Conversion /Business Licenses


We assist our client on regular reporting and submission to DOE to comply with legislative requirements as follows:

  • Ambient / Air Emission Reporting
  • Boundary Noise Monitoring
  • Gen-Set Monitoring
  • Isokinetic Stack Emission Reporting
  • Online Environmental Reporting (OER)
  • Noise Mapping
  • Stack Emission Reporting


JBH has diversified its business scope to include Green Industry – the harnessing of clean and affordable electricity that will save money for homes, businesses and industries. Solar panels are used to harness the sun’s power to generate electricity. It helps to cut global carbon emissions.

Type of Industry served includes

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial